Nortel BCM Telephone Systems  TOP

BCM 200 / 400 System
Business Communications Manager (BCM) delivers small/medium-sized businesses and branch offices the only converged voice/data solution in the industry, providing a choice of IP-enabled or pure-IP strategy. Leveraging existing Meridian, Norstar, and Communication Server 1000 investments, BCM has the capabilities businesses need including telephony, unified messaging, multimedia call center, interactive voice response, IP routing and data services such as firewall, wireless, and more.

Key Features:
  • Cost-effective scalability from 10 to 200+ stations using a mix of digital and IP stations.BCM 200
  • Simplified network infrastructure cuts costs by connecting IP phones over the LAN wiring system, seamlessly extending features to multiple sites through IP connectivity and streamlining network management. IP trunking enables a business to optimize network bandwidth and reduce network costs.
  • Redundancy options , including power, fans and hard-drive, automatically detect failures and switches over seamlessly without any loss of service. This optional feature provides protection where security and reliability are the key drivers to communications systems.
  • Browser-based management simplifies installations, and provides an intuitive, wizards-based method of managing the network from any Web-enabled workstation.
  • Unparalleled telephony features - with the most complete telephony feature offering for small sites, no business has to make compromises on how to process critical customer calls.
  • Full suite of applications - including voice messaging, unified messaging, interactive voice response, multimedia call center and wireless, enable your business to streamline costs, be more productive, and better serve customers.

Features & Benefits:
IP Telephony supports powerful new e-business applications that level the playing field with larger competitors, extend network services to remote workers, increase portability, simplify moves and changes, and eliminate toll charges on site-to-site calls. BCM 400
Universal Internet Access for all connected users and workstations, including access to corporate intranets, support for intra-site Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and remote connectivity for mobile or home users.
Call Center Applications combine the reach of the Web with personalized agent interaction and customer support.
Wireless Solutions break the chains that tie users to their workstations, giving Call Center agents hands-on access to samples and supporting wireless scanners for efficient inventory procedures.
Hybrid Environment leverages existing investments in Meridian , Norstar and Communication Server 1000 systems, offering a future-proof migration strategy.
Unified Messaging allows users to manage all their voice, fax, and e-mail messages from a single application on their multimedia-equipped PC or laptop.
Interactive Voice Response allows businesses to offload routine transaction and customers to access pertinent information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Centralized Voice Mail and Management The networking capabilities of IP telephony make centralized applications for messaging and management more cost effective than ever before. Enterprises receive the benefits of standard greetings, global administration, and a common interface across their network.

BCM 50 System
BCM 50 Business Communications Manager 50 is an all-in-one, affordable platform for converged voice and data communications for small to medium business with 3 to 20 stations, yet scalable to serve more than 40. The Business Communications Manager 50 provides advanced capabilities such as robust telephony features, voice messaging and unified messaging, IP networking, Internet access, contact centers with skills-based routing, and IP telephony. With an easy-to-use and highly flexible architecture, the Business Communications Manager 50 enables small sites to benefit from convergence capabilities that were previously only available to much larger organizations.

Key Features:

  • Affordable converged voice and data, all in one package
  • Perfect for businesses with 3 to 20 users, yet scalable to serve more than 40
  • Simple to use, install, and maintain
  • Robust portfolio of telephony features pre-loaded?more than 200+ in all
  • Simultaneously supports a choice of digital and IP telephone sets

Desktop Call Recording Solution for Nortel Digital Telephones  TOP

The 4102 Digital AuxBox is a professional quality desktop call recording solution for Nortel digital telephones on a Norstar, BCM, Meridian 1 or CS 1000 system. Telephone conversations are stored as call records on a customer supplied PC using Algo's Client Call Recorder (CCR) single-user software provided with each unit. Alternatively, Algo's Enterprise Call Recorder (ECR) software is available for multi-user applications.

Search and retrieve call records easily
Algo's recording software allows call records to be easily played back through a PC. Call records may be emailed for quick and easy sharing of telephone conversations to facilitate quality monitoring, training or distribution of key information. Call records can be easily searched, sorted, retrieved or moved for quick and efficient archive management.

Automatic or On-Demand Call Recording
Voice recording may be activated automatically or manually 'on-demand' by pressing a key on the PC keyboard or on the telephone itself. Manual recording permits conversations to be recorded at any time during the call, with most recent unrecorded calls cached for handy 'post-save' retrieval.
USB connectivity to the PC ensures high quality digital speech and data recording over a single plug and play connection supported by Windows in WMA or WAV file formats.


  • Automatic or on-demand call recording
  • WAV or compressed WMA audio format
  • Call display information recorded
  • Call duration, date and time
  • Call record, move, email and copy functions
  • Task bar flashing indicator when recording
  • Call record storage management
  • Relay outputs for ring, message waiting, in-use


  • Small call centers, customer service
  • Financial trading, banking, accounting
  • Emergency services
  • Legal offices
  • Contract negotiation, purchasing, sales
  • School administration, reception, counseling
  • Human resource departments
  • Dispatch centers
  • Conference call meetings

Professional Multi-User Call Recording & Monitoring Solution  TOP

Algo's ECR Enterprise Call Recorder provides a scaleable, cost effective, and full featured call recording solution for small enterprise applications. Supporting up to 32 telephones, Algo's multi-user solution is compatible with all Algo recording interfaces supporting TDM digital telephones for Nortel Norstar, Business Communications Manager (BCM), Meridian 1 and Communication Server 1000 (CS 1000) systems, in addition to Meridian Digital Centrex (MDC), and analog telephones.
A customer supplied Windows-based PC Server records all telephone conversations (in compressed WMA or uncompressed WAV format) and call data to the Algo recording interface using a USB connection. Call records may be accessed either directly from the PC Server or remotely from a network connected PC.
Users and Supervisors will find it easy to search, sort, retrieve, email, and playback call records. The ECR Software also offers Supervisor Live Call Monitoring and automatic or manual (on-demand) call recording functionality activated by the telephone or user PC.

Key Features Include:

  • Automatic or on-demand activated recording
  • On-demand recording activated by telephone key press or software anytime during call or ?post-save' a call after completion
  • Network-based Supervisor Live Call Monitoring
  • WMA file compression option of 3MB/hour or uncompressed WAV format
  • Email call records directly from the ECR Software
  • Editable comment field for each call record for archiving important notes and easier search and retrieval
  • Search call records by time, call type (inbound, outbound, missed), call display information, duration, comments, user, or telephone
  • Unlimited Supervisors and Users; ECR license based only upon number of telephone recording interfaces
  • Statistics reporting
  • Excel export utility of complete call log records
  • Permissions based user privileges with passwords

Key Benefits

  • Economical for small enterprise applications
  • Scaleable from 1 to 32 telephones on a single non-proprietary Windows-based PC
  • LAN-configurable for simultaneous shared access
  • Convenient USB connectivity to PC from Algo's 16 port ECR Shelf or AuxBox hardware recording interfaces
  • Reliable, feature rich solution with easy-to-use interface